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Originally Posted by Kevlar382 View Post
The new Z/28 should have been the car that everybody on Camaro5 wanted, a 1LE/ LS7 and let the costumer decide what they did and did not want as far as options go. The brakes, tires, wheels, and gearing is what is making the biggest impact on lap times.
Funny, but I don't recall the Z/28 faithful ever wasting very many electrons discussing features and options not related to performance. Feel free to conclude that such stuff had a low enough priority to not matter a whole lot if they went missing.

If it really is close to $70,000, by the time a person can get one you will be able to pick up a used ZR1 that is faster and have every thing you want
This is yet another thread where some of the participants simply do not understand the car or what its character is supposed to be. Like there's some insurmountable mental barrier in the way. Those of us who do understand can explain it to you, but unfortunately we cannot do your understanding of it for you.

Hint: there is more to automotive enjoyment than brute power and ever more non-essential luxury.

It seems GM could sell a lot more Z/28s, and make more money, if they were more street friendly.
That would be the 1LE's mission. The Z/28 is targeted at maybe the 10% most hardcore of the "2%-ers" that represent the expected 1LE customer base.

I don't think there was this much commotion over not understanding the drag-race COPO cars. You either wanted it for what it was or you didn't and you didn't worry about why it could not be made to suit your personal comfort & convenience preferences.

Other than the Z/28 being fully street legal, I see no reason why the Z/28 should not enjoy that same treatment. Either enjoy it for what it is - whether or not you can afford it, or don't worry about it.

Originally Posted by Kevlar382 View Post
You forgot really rough ride and a lot of road noise. Both standard options.
If that's a deal-breaker for anybody, maybe they should just not do the deal. It's really too subjective a matter for there to be much agreement, never mind that most cars that are owner-modified for open-tracking at a similar level end up riding a good bit more firmly than stock as well.

In at least one of my (modified) daily drivers, you'd have been aware of driving over a quarter laying in the road. That car wouldn't have been for you either, but my wife and I both drove it that way for several years. Still could, 30+ years later.


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