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Originally Posted by Kevlar382 View Post
The new Z/28 should have been the car that everybody on Camaro5 wanted, a 1LE/ LS7 and let the costumer decide what they did and did not want as far as options go. The brakes, tires, wheels, and gearing is what is making the biggest impact on lap times.
If it really is close to $70,000, by the time a person can get one you will be able to pick up a used ZR1 that is faster and have every thing you want, except a back seat that no one can fit in, and won't use at the track anyway.
Is there really that many people that even live with in a couple hundred miles of a track? We are lucky living in West Michigan with two tracks that are about 30 mi away but on an average open track day there might be 6-8 cars and a hand full of bikes.
It seems GM could sell a lot more Z/28s, and make more money, if they were more street friendly. I think they owe it to the tax payers to make as much money as they can.
I have two cars, a 57 conv, and a 71 RS/Z28 that I hardly ever use because of lack of options. Can't imagine being in any hurry to buy another one.
Just my .02 worth because I wish I could get a new Z/28 the way I would want one.

Sounds like you just be happy with the badge.

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