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Originally Posted by Synner View Post
You forgot some people know how to adjust a 4 way adjustable suspension if they want it smoother and there are even some people that like a car loud and rough. Both non-standard people that the car was designed for.

I really don't get all the drama and how people are getting so butt hurt over a track car that doesn't have a bunch of useless crap on it. There plenty of camaro models for the people looking for a daily driver, it's called choices. How many camaro choices were there 5 years ago? Zero. And yet people are bitching about it. This car isn't a daily driver, people need to get over it. Who's holding a gun to their head and making them buy one? No one. I could drive it every day and love it, I don't need all the distractions nor do I mind a loud and fast car.

Why can't my dedicated track car have 12 way power adjustable seats? Boohoo. Give me a break.
Excellent post!
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