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Originally Posted by orthojoe View Post
First post here, so take it easy on me. The mere fact that I am on this forum speaks volumes for how much Chevrolet has improved on their brand. I never thought I would be a fan, but here I am today.

A lot of car manufacturers with a reputation for making cars that enthusiasts love have been moving away from their core customers in favor of selling more cars for more profit. I am talking about Porsche and BMW. They are doing exactly what some of the guys here have been asking for on the Z/28. They are making traditionally track focused cars (M3, GT3), more 'liveable' for the masses in order to sell more cars. They already make plenty of 'liveable' cars for the masses (335i, 911 carrera), but the masses want that M3/GT3 'badge' for no other reason other than to say they have it. So, they complain that the cars should have more amenities to manufacturer. The manufacturer mistakenly listens to these consumers, and add weight, complexity, and price to a car to satisfy these customers. In the short term, these companies will sell more cars. In the long term, when they lose the loyalty of their core enthusiasts, the brand will suffer.

The new Z/28 was done RIGHT. Track focused for a small segment of car buyers. The Z/28 is NOT meant for everybody. Those complaining about the liveability of the Z/28 were never meant to buy Z/28. There are plenty of other camaro models that will satisfy the needs of the majority. The Z/28 name badge provides the 'halo' to sell more of these everyday friendly cars.

I fear that all these 'complaints' about how the Z/28 is too 'bare bones' will actually be listened to by Chevrolet, and that subsequent Z/28 models will go down the same sad path that the M3 has gone down, and that the GT3 is starting to go down. I hope that the Z/28 team sticks to it's guns, reap the rewards of their choices, and continue to make a segment of cars focused on track enthusiasts that will trickle down to increased sales of their other models.
Too true. The sad fact is Directors of companies are more interested in the next quarters results and year end bonuses than they are in building a brand that will survive into the future. This has always been the truth and the reason old brands die and new ones are born. Expect Kia to have a car as cool in the future as the Camaro is now. Let's just hope Camaro is still around then.

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