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Hitman's first new car. 2LT IOM Journal

I joined this forum about 7 months ago after a Lease Deal on a challenger fell through.
I was looking for a way to make my monthly car payments lower while still getting something for the work and the Challenger really caught my eye, I honestly really like it's old school styling and the lease I thought I was going to get helped me make the decision.
I really wanted a 5th gen Camaro from the first time I laid eyes on the concept car but knew at that time I wasn't in the situation to purchase a brand new car.
That's why I bought a used 07 Eclipse GT(which, actually turned out to be a good deal for me).

Anyway when I finally go to a Dodge Dealership the incentives on leasing apparently had disappeared and all the money I was going to save wasn't near as much as I thought to make me happy.9
I decided there and then I was better off saving money 6 months and paying off the Eclipse so I could get what I truly wanted, a Camaro.
Luckily for me I was way over on my payments to what it's worth(even with a replaced quarter panel from an accident).
So 7 months later, missing my goal by month and not liking the look of the 2014's I ordered my first Brand New car.

On April 2nd, 2013 I ordered a 2013 2LT LFX IOM Camaro, IOM Interior with Black Hood and Hockey Stripes.
This car will very much be a Daily Driver from day one on.

I'm a working stiff who admittedly works pay check to pay check so while this thread will be kept updated as updates are available they may be far in between.
I've personally never been a guy worried about TOO much power as long as I've got what keeps me happy(it's why I got the v6 Eclipse over the 4 banger) so that means most of my planned mods will mainly be cosmetic.

Planned Mods(in a non particular order):

Catch Can(haven't decided on brand yet as I wasn't even aware I needed one until a couple days ago)
Lloyd Custom Ultimats
2LT Grill and Rear End badges.(really feel like the grill and rear look empty in comparison to the SS and RS cars.)
IOM Exterior, Black interior Painted Bowties
SRP Racing Stripes Pedals
Viny Gill Inserts, Matt Black Front and Rear Fascia Blackouts.
Technostalga rapid fire advanced tail lights
Eagle Eye Halo Headlights
Plastdipped Tail Light Bezzels
Concept Sidemarkers
Interior Footwell Lighting
Speedometer, steering wheel and (maybe) shifter Bezel Painted IOM
IOM deluxe Billet Interior Accessory Trim Package
Spoiler(Torn between ZL1 and ZTA Trans AM)
IOM Quarter Flares(still on the fence about this, I want the protection but not sure if I like the way they look).

April 2nd, 2013: Status 1100 Order Placed at Dealership
April 3rd, 2013: Order Shows as Placed at Chevrolet website.
April 10th, 2013: 3000 Status; Order accepted by production control.
April 12th, 2013: TPW 4/29
April 23rd, 2013: 3400 Status; Order Broadcasted for Production (Internal Plant Order Produced)
April 29th, 2013: Built and bayed, managed to sneak into the 4/22 TPW.
April 30th, 2013: 4300 Status; Intermediate delivery, sent out for stripes.
May 1st, 2013: 4200 Status; Shipped!
May 15th, 2013: Ownership taken!

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