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Originally Posted by db00338 View Post
Tony, Its looking great Buddy. You know that I am pumped. I will get with you by the end of this week with the deposit for sure. I must figure out what to do with the old bumper. lol my apartment is getting crowded with factory items. Mail Slot Please.

If we do not buy the mesh, what will be in its place?

I apologize for all of the questions, but will we have to use the upper grille from the old bumper?
Thanks Dejari! To answer your questions, if you choose not to buy the ABS mesh from us you can purchase any other universal aluminum, steel or plastic mesh off eBay, amazon, etc. So it's pretty much up to you and your taste on what you want to use. You can use any upper grille that will fit onto a stock bumper (SS, RS, ZL1, aftermarket, etc.) If you check out the YouTube video of the black Aggressor 1 bumper, you can see our prototype upper grille

Originally Posted by Venom SS View Post
Other than material what's the difference from the other one?
What rlatham04 and TRC SS said plus a lot of minor design changes that you can't quite see in photos. You would have to see it in person to pick out the differences

Originally Posted by ChevyCam13 View Post
If I order one would I be able to pick it up to avoid the shipping charge? Also are you offering it painted?
We do allow local pick up to save on shipping charges. We also work closely with a local bodyshop that can paint the bumpers so we can get a pretty good discount on labor/material costs
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