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Originally Posted by Twoblindsheep View Post
damn rlatham! looks like i wont be the only one here in delaware with the bumper anymore lol
you would have to go out and ride with me sometime! black and white!
and maybe some photoshoots!

BTW tony! this is going to look great! im excited to see this kick off!
also will you be making another list for us?
Yeah I already have a separate list for previous buyers with you on it

Originally Posted by Missionboi View Post
I am 100% in if maybe I can get something back from my other bumper! I really want this one really bad lol
I'm pretty sure you got my email about the previous buyer discount. You're on the previous buyer list too

Originally Posted by leonardo View Post
this new bumper looks A LOT better , good job guys

Originally Posted by rchrdp305 View Post
I'm interested in the bumper. Way better than the fiberglass one I have
Also have you on the list
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