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Originally Posted by Apex Chase View Post
Your build is mind blowing. I would be lying if I didn't admit that I find myself strangely aroused after reading your threads.
That is some funny stuff right there.

Originally Posted by hcoll003 View Post
Kudos Nathan, this build leaves me speechless! The work you have put into this car would cost over $20,000.... just in labor
Thanks Hcoll003!

Originally Posted by NC-V View Post
It would cost A LOT more than that! Even at a low shop rate!
Hey Kyle! I'd hate to think how much it would cost me if I were farming it out.

Quick update:

Rear Diff resurfacing

The first few pics gives an idea of were I started.

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Name:  3.jpg
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To remove the section in the red circle and get a perfect finish (Dremel will leave divots) I wrapped a piece of sanding paper around a a painters mixing stick and shaped it by hand.

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And finally......... It's now off to the powder coater were it will be finished in a textured silver.

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Before pic of the cover

Name:  1.jpg
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And after.......

the cover will be powder coated texture black to match the oil pan with ARP bolts. The thing is I'm now thinking of dry sumping

Note: The areas where the bushings fit are polished to a mirror finish.

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PS, sorry for the bad iphone pics.

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