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Originally Posted by stand-al0ne View Post
Still dont think I like the 2014 camaro...
Well every version with exception to the Z/28.

Aside from the obvious cool bits, maybe I just like the cheaper (lighter) items on it, and will therefore like a cheaper base camaro...

I.e. - I like the non-RS head lights and tail lights better (miss the halos, but the non-RS headlights just seem to flow better with the new front end). Also not a fan of 21's (dusk edition) wheels, and not a fan of the spoiler.

I'd imagine I will like the "stamped steel" spoiler aka trunk better

And Im surprised no one has mentioned the fender flares on the Z/28 yet...wonder if we can retrofit those to our 2010's (esp guys like me who will be running 295mm on all 4 corners very soon!)
I dont think you have seen every version yet....
All that has been shown is the 2SS/RS and the Z28....
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