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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
how easy is a cam swap compared to most other engine mods? Is it recomended for gearheads only or would it be possible for someone with basic knowledge to do?
Itís not difficult, itís just a lot of work. You have to remove the water pump, timing chain, intake manifold, valve covers, rockers, a mess of hoses and wire. You also have to either remove the radiator and (some or all of) the grill/front clip or pull the engine out. The only really tricky part is getting the cam timing right and not leaving any leaks.

You shouldnít have to buy any tools, and if you do they are tools you should own anyway (except the engine hoist which you can rent). An experieced freind and/or shop manual will make things a lot easier.

You may also need new, more compressible valve springs if the new cam adds enough lift to make the stock springs stack or bind. If so then you will need a valve spring compressor and length of rope to stuff into the chamber (though the spark plug hole) to keep the valve from falling in. Iíve seen kits that allow you to use compressed air to hold the valves up, but if you lose pressure, you may end up having to pull the head to get the valve out.
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