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Seeking 9s on M6...
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3.5" Pulley Installed

I installed my 3.5" pulley tonight and started tuning. She is pulling harder than ever! I can't wait to get her on the dyno and see what she does. I'm seeing about 11 PSI of boost...I think that means i'll max out at ~15 PSI of boost with the Whipple at 18,000 rpm (it's peak output).

I was hoping for 18+ PSI, but i guess between the heads and cam, that is out of the question for my 2.9L Whipple. But i'm still expecting 800+ rwhp...we'll see.

I'm still having some issues with my AC belt (ATI sent me the Damper for the Camaro Copo which the back pulley is for the alternator vs. the AC). I don't think it is quite lined up right as my belt is squeaking and it's shreading . I'm hoping they send me the AC pulley soon, but that means pulling the damper (de ja vu ).

I'm still seeing a little vibration in the drive train at 4500-5000 rpm... going to have to get some others to drive it and see what they think...possibly related to the new clutch .

It was a blast opening her up tonight (no vibration at WOT). Hope to have a video to share soon.
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