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Originally Posted by Cpanthers85 View Post
One thing I don't understand is how or why GM purists could call the ZL1 a ZL1? If they wanted to stay pure with the Z28, why take the purity away from the ZL1?
In 1969 the original ZL1 was not a Camaro trim option but rather the highest horsepower factory engine option available from Chevrolet.

People often seem not to remember or realize that the original ZL1 was a factory engine option designed for Can-Am racing that was included as part of the 1969 9560 COPO Camaro package and that the ZL1 was also available as an engine option in the 1969 Corvette. Today the LSA is to Camaro engines as the ZL1 was to Camaro engines in 1969. Therefore, it is appropriate that the Camaro with the LSA, the highest horsepower factory engine available today, is named the ZL1.
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