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Originally Posted by snapp32e View Post
It's not for you or anyone to understand, it's called personal preference. Quite simple in reality.
If people simply stated what they meant, it just might be quite simple in reality. However, I've found that people quite often don't clearly state what they mean.

If something is a personal preference, then for the sake of clarity and to avoid potential unwanted questions one would be better served by clearly and simply stating it as a personal preference rather than stating it as a logical A requires B claim.

For example one can simply state, "My cars are willed to my grandchildren and I would like my cars to be in near new condition when my grandchildren receive them," instead of using the form, "My cars are willed to my grandchildren, and must (i.e., are required to) be kept as close to new as possible as long as I'm alive."

The first example clearly states a personal preference, while the latter is stated as a requirement without respect to any personal preference.

Of course, one can simply ask one's question without adding any information unrelated to one's question and be more likely to avoid any unwanted clarifying questions. What's the reason to announce to those on this forum that one grew up poor and was given nothing and can now afford whatever one wants?
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