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Are you wanting to be in PB for the "scenery", surfing, or ????? Most of the rentals are fairly run down, unless you look at the larger condo complex's and I can't think of any that are close to the "scenery".

Most of he places in PB have no parking behind the garages, but it happens anyway, usually when you are trying to go somewhere else.....

You would be much better off looking for a condo downtown in the gas lamp district or mission valley. The places in Fashion Valley are nice, but there is a methadone clinic by the mall that brings in problems. I had my car broken into twice in two months, which is why I left San Diego and came up to Temecula. That and I bought a house for less than my rent was.

If you will be working in Sorrento Valley, you could look at La Jolla, Del Mar, or the south side of Oceanside to be close to the beach and have a nicer place and the commute wouldn't be too ugly.

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