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AGP - Complete TT Kit - Preview Pics!! **Dyno Sheet & Video **

AGP Turbo has been around since 2002. They have made a great name for themselves in the import/SRT-4 and diesel market. They have done one-off LSx kits before on numerous applications, but they are just about ready to hit the Fifth Gen Camaro market.

AGP Turbo has already tested numerous in-house kits that they have made, including their own L99 car making almost 700rwhp (Stock heads/cam). We are now working with Kevin and the gang over there for some finalized testing on our 416ci shop car. His kit is absolutely stunning. It does re-use the stock exhaust manifolds, so everything bolts up nice. His cast manifold extensions he fabricates includes the fire ring so that the manifold bolts up properly to the stock piece, unlike most other kits I have seen. The turbos are AGP/Borg Warner's. Their own massive intercooler, and of course all accessories are included. The kit does NOT hang below the frame rail, turbos tuck up nice and the air intake boxes are excellent.

Here is a picture of the motor on display, this does not have the air intake extension box with the air filters routed up to the engine bay like the complete kit does.

Pricing for this kit will be right in line with most other forced induction kits, including tuning & fuel!

Look at the first picture below that is their own fabricated cast piece if you notice the fire ring inside the cast manifold, then the wastegate is hung directly off the cast extension piece.
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