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"Trackdays" and Z/28's

I am opening this new thread with a quote from another poster in a different thread who brought up a good point that some of you may not know about or understand: "Trackdays". If you have never participated in one, you cannot comprehend why the Z/28 was developed as it was.

Originally Posted by Norm Peterson View Post
Because not all track driving is wheel to wheel competition and fighting for position/coaxing the other guy into making a mistake that lets you get past him, and the not-racing side of it seems to be growing. For example, NJMP here in NJ has been sending out direct advertising via email about driving your street car on their tracks with several dates planned. Approaching/entering Turn 7 on the 1.9 mile Lightning course shown below. Not all of the cars are street legal.

Think "run what you brung" open-tracking at slightly/somewhat less than 10/10ths, "point-by" passing on straights only, and where the cars out on the track during any given session would very likely never fit into the same competition class anyway. And although there generally isn't any official lap timing, most folks do like to pick up the pace as they gain experience.

Not everybody cares to then have to own a truck (that they'd at most rarely use otherwise), plus the trailer (ditto), and then find a place to park all three vehicles, which is what you'd be facing with operating a non street-legal track car.

Good stuff for those who do not know.

Out west you can look up some of the following groups who will be glad to get you on track:

HOD Hooked on Driving
Speed Ventures
Porsche/Audi/BMW/Mini/Shelby/Lotus/etc Clubs

I have instructed/TT/PDX'd with SCCA for several years, they have a great program to get you on a track in your car. PDX-"Performance Driving Experience", from there you can go into a TT- "Time Trials" group if you like where you run for best times while on track with other cars but you are not door to door racing.

Another good introduction is either the Corvette school at Spring Mountain in Pahrump NV or Porsche Sport Driving School outside of Birmingham AL. Both are awesome sport driving schools. Attend one if you really want to learn how to drive.

Track days are like crack cocaine, only legal, healthier and more fun. I think crack might be cheaper though.

If you have any thought to buy a Z/28 and not track it, that's like marrying the person of your dreams and not having sex with them. It would be ridiculous and there is simply no good excuse for it.

It is a purpose built car to do this sort of thing, engine power is at least fourth on the list of what's important behind 1. Your skill 2. Brakes 3. Handling/Suspension.

For those who decide to explore trackdays it'll be the most fun hobby you ever have.
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