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Originally Posted by Fiveg56 View Post
Where is the V6?? GM knows it is the best selling Camaro, right? You'd think they wouldn't leave the biggest segment of Camaro buyers in the dark.
The majority of buyers doesn't necessarily mean that most of the people at that unveiling were interested in the the V6. I think they chose to show the models that featured the most significant changes...and space is limited on that stage...

Originally Posted by Angrybird 12 View Post
I think that it was posted by Fbodfather the V6 will have even more visual differences to separate it from the SS. I think he said it is keeping the old hood, and the Fascia will be different from the SS in some way.
I think probably a smaller lower grill for one thing, possibly a different grill. Definitely no air extractor... But if it still has the same hood as before you can still add the Hex Vents or TL1 insert on it.
I think I posted that - but I might have missed fbodfather mentioning it.

That is correct - I was told the V6 will keep the current hood, and have it's own distinct front clip (think of the difference between the current front ends between V6 and SS...less aggressive on the V6).

Originally Posted by zebra View Post
so how come ain't nobody talking about the important stuff - LS7 with 4-2-1 shortie headers from the factory with what looks like a 100/102mm TB
They definitely seemed to have squeezed as much power out of that thing as possible from the factory!

Originally Posted by MidlifecriSS View Post
Great pics Joe!! I am thinking when you are done running your extensive Hotel chains, maybe photography is in your future???
The turbo is downright nasty too!!
Maybe... I like my hotel chain, though...

Originally Posted by Baron3600 View Post
Agreed. Waiting till I see in person but the non RS taillights and even headlights look pretty good. Could make a potential future 1LE purchase a little cheaper
I've always maintained that base headlights (non Xenon) helped make the car more "racey" looking...especially when paired with the exterior pieces from the 1LE. I feel the same about the new '14s...not to mention there's a slight weight savings there.

Originally Posted by thejudgemeister View Post
Great pictures. Thanks for posting them. Does anyone here like the new tail lights? Personally, I don't think I care for them. They look a little too much like Dodge tail lights.
Wait to pass judgement until you see first, I was very nervous looking at nothing but pictures...then I had an opportunity to walk up on stage - and fell in love all over again.
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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