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I drove the car off the lot with 302 miles on the clock.

Stopping for a celebration lunch.
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I knew that I would soon have to leave my car and head back to Okinawa where I was stationed. It was a tough decision to buy a brand new car, knowing that I would not be able to drive it. The plan was to make extra payments while I was over there making pretty decent money, but that didn't work out too well. Instead I spent the extra money on mods to help set my car apart and make it my own. I left the car with my mother in law with 1142 miles on it. She promised to take good care of her.

Fast forward 18 months.

I received orders to Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas Nevada. I was finally getting off the rock and reuniting with my baby. The last few weeks before traveling were so nerve racking. I picked up the car with 1335 miles and the perma-grin was back instantly. Almost Everything was in perfect order. The barn cats who were guarding the car from mice and rats, used my car cover as a scratching post. It is pretty much garbage now.

I opened the car door and the new car smell still filled the cabin. It was almost like I had not been gone. I did how ever have to relearn how to drive the car; getting used to the clutch, the blind spots and shifting points. Everything came back pretty quickly.

First stop was my parents house, where I was greeted with this:
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A whole treasure of boxes

These are just a few of the highlights:

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