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Originally Posted by NC-V View Post
Are you beating that chisel with a framing hammer? LOL this isn't woodshop!
LOL, I like to speak softly and carry a big Hammer, LOL.

Kyle, I'm not sure if you heard but I hear there is a KILLER 5 Gen Camaro being built in your neck of the woods. It's currently being kept hooch hooch but will be competing in the One Lap in the next few weeks.

Originally Posted by jordan 572 View Post
I feel like my car is a complete hack job special now.
LOL Jordan.

Quick Update
The continuation of Rear Upper Control Arms

Quick disclosure: The color is very nice on its own merits but I'm not feeling it for this project, to much bling. It's hard to pick color from a brochure with 1' square color sample. I will probably use it as an expensive base to paint them the same Alumi Blast color I used on the spindles.

Here are a few before and afters.

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I had the housing ultrasonically cleaned today and drop off at the powder coater. Stay tuned for tomorrows update.

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