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Originally Posted by 911medic View Post
223RWHP? Doesn't that seem really low for baseline? From 312 crank to 223 at the wheels is almost a 30% loss. Odd.
Its not that far off from most stock car dynos. I have seen some 220-230 stock dynos.

Originally Posted by scrming View Post
Think it's going to depend on what other mods the car has... If the car was otherwise stock then the 13.77 would probably be about right... And looking at the dyno sheet it looks like that might be the case... 223 RWHP and 227 RWTQ would probably be a mid to upper 14 second car, depending of course on DA and such... so if the only real mod is the 75 shot, on stock tires, then I think 13.7 is pretty respectable...
Exactly the car is pretty much a stock car running nitrous and some kind of intake. Plus she is on a start 40% ramp. is offline   Reply With Quote