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NEC5 & NY/NJ5THGEN Cruise for Sandy Hook Elementary

Featured on Camaro5 HOMEPAGE

The memory of what happened on December 14, 2012 in a small Connecticut town will never be forgotten. It was a tragedy that the entire country suffered through. Those of us with children in school were particularly hit because we all knew, deep down inside, that it could have happened at any school. The events were terrible, and everyone wondered, “What can I do?” One of those people was George “Spikes” LeGrice. And he decided to do something big.

Since December, Spikes worked out all the details and put together a charity run for New England. He was hoping for a good turnout – what he got was huge!

Today, drivers from not only all over New England, but even New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and I heard even Texas, converged en mass on Lime Rock Racing Park in Lakeville, CT. There were cars, trucks, and motorcycles. All styles, and all vintages. Convoys hundreds of cars long started from various rally points throughout the region, and while maybe causing a bit of congestion on Massachusetts highways, we all rode for the cause, some even decorating their cars for the event.

New England Camaro 5 was proud to make a good showing for the event. But what even prouder was when we realized that the other group of Camaros were from our neighbors to the South, the New York and New Jersey 5th Gen clubs!

We all enjoyed swapping stories and taking pictures, and making plans for future events together (we want to see you guys for the Rhode Island Show!)

I want to thank everyone for making the trip. It was an early morning for some of us, and a long drive for most. But you all have to admit, it was for a great cause, and it was a good time. The drifting demonstrations alone were fun to watch.

I will post pictures and videos, and I encourage everyone who attended to post their own! This is just my place holder

I'm going to say right now that I was unable to get everyone's picture. Some of you left early, notably coreyaustin and CoriJoe. I'm sorry guys :( but it was nice meeting you.

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NH 2012 SS/RS
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future C5 member
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I hate to say it, but I got a better group picture of the NY/NJ5THGEN club than I got of our NEC5 group. Oh well.
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Take a close look at the silver car on the track near the left of this picture. That's also a Camaro doing laps on Lime Rocks main track. He came in second during that heat.

Pictures of the cruse
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Pictures from the show
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