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Originally Posted by Jbakovich View Post
I want it loud but not ricey. Don't tell me it's a v6 it's going to be ricey. I'm working with what I got. I have heard neither but heard their the best spun quality for a v6. Let me know what you think.
I have the MRT V2 and CAI Inc intake...deeper sound under the hood and a very refined exhaust not out the back. BEST MOD HANDS DOWN for the V6!

Originally Posted by Apex Chase View Post
The v1 is a little louder but the v2 has a deeper tone. The v2 is MUCH more popular. I would choose the v2 if it were my car.
V2 is much more popular because it's easy to make and exhaust harder to make it sound GOOD. My V2 gets compliments from muscle car owners, Euro sport drivers, and even the ricer kids my son hangs out with

Originally Posted by Jbakovich View Post
for anyone who has either does it ever crackle when downshifting? i like that
Any exhaust will crackle if you downshift it or let the rpms drop from the right place.

Originally Posted by Jbakovich View Post
now im torn between the two. i wish i could hear them both. the v1 is cheaper and i could care less about drone but i want a loud deep sound as well. im in a pickle.
With the V2, you can carry on a conversation inside the car or listen to music at a regular volume...To overcome drone, you have to do everything louder.

Good luck with your choice!
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