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Originally Posted by SSinisterLS3 View Post
I like it, but jeeze. Make it more costly by adding LEDs, Recaro (which is Italian for money), and add add add add.

It's going to be ridiculously expensive. That's what I'm seeing so far. I'll stick with mine, and wait for the parts to get cheaper when everyone trades in.

LEDs are superior to incandescent, and are in fact becoming the standard of the automotive industry. LED headlamps are right now only on high end cars, but will soon trickle down to all cars. In 10 years you will not find an incandescent rear tail lamp, and only a few cars will have halogen headlamps, if any.

The next Camaro redesign will have standard LED tail lamps on all trims, and may have optional LED headlamps. If not standard LED headlamps on some trims.

LED uses less current, lasts longer, operates cooler, and is far brighter than incandescent bulbs.
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