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Originally Posted by 1LEMayhem View Post
When GM came out with the 2010 Camaro it was the complete package all the lines matched. The front and rear had hard edge lines like the side of the car. I think the major problem with the refresh is they softened the styling in the front and rear. It does not flow at all with the rest of the car. Plus those taillights
Wait until you see it...the lines still flow. After spending some time - I think most will understand what they did. IMO - it's a "sharper" look...not better or worse, necessarily...just sharper.

And the tail lights look so much better in person, fwiw. They have a sculpted character, and complex glow that pictures don't capture.

EDIT: General Plea to members of Camaro5:


This, more than any other Camaro model to date...does not look good in pictures. You need to spend time with it before deciding whether you like it or not...because frankly, until you see it in person - you don't know what you're looking at.

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