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Seeking 9s on M6...
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Originally Posted by Behic2320 View Post
Wow now that's a build, great job man loving what's going on here
Thanks. And I love your sig pic! Almost missed that awesome looking car in the background.

Originally Posted by Frid View Post
Great build! That thing sounds like it wants to eat someone.
Thanks. I can't wait to bring her to the dyno and then on to the track!

So i temporarily fixed my AC belt squeeking with some old fashon soap. (Yes i know that reduces friction, but the AC is working and squeek is gone.) I'm hoping the belt issue i had was a fluke, it only split in one area and the new belt hasn't had an issue yet. ATI is now saying the AC pully is 17% underdrive to not steal HP....hmmm, I'm OK with that as long as the AC works and belt doesn't squeek!

I'm also still waiting on a new length 10 rib belt...the one i have now is a hair too long for the 3.5 pulley (although i'm using it), and one size smaller is too small for the 3". My friends at Whipple are going to get a 12 rib in the right length and trim it to a 10 rib for me. Have I mentioned how great Mike is at Whipple? Great guy to work with!

BTW, most of my ZL1 rear kit showed up...missing drive shaft and trans flange nut...

Now that my car is running and vibration free, waiting on the final pieces to fall into place is so much easier!

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