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The windows had to be tinted so I took it over to my friend Bill at Route 66 Window Tinting.

As it turns out, he prefers to remove the interior panels to make the installation easier. He suggested this would be a good time to upgrade the stereo system. Which was very tempting, and I have another topic here containing the parts list I had planned to purchase. But it's not in the budget at the moment. And I don't really have any complaints with the stereo. It could use some more bass, but that's typical of most factory audio systems.

In any case, while the car was apart (which was a great deal of stress for is only a week old after all), we took the time to do a little sound proofing. So in went the RAAMmat:

It covers the battery area, trunk floor, back panel, inside the rear quarters and up over the wheel wells as far as I could reach, the floor under the rear seats, back deck, roof behind the sunroof, and the doors.

It did reduce quite a bit of the road noise I noticed coming from the rear of the car on the highway. Some RAAMmat and Ensolite under the carpeting would have made a huge impact, but I didn't want to go that far.
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