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Originally Posted by dekan513 View Post
u all bitch and cry , ya its not made for the 1/4 but , on another hand if ur talking performance , the 1/4 readings tell alot about a car.
simple 1/4 times mean alot in road racing , believe it or not. but i gonna say they will be more ppl buy these cars to drive around then take to the track so . im gonna say they will be more ppl at the 1/4 racing them aswell. its just more popular the road racing. with the ls7 and being around ss weight it will make a fun 1.5 mile car.

if that serious about racing then a factory car is not gonna cut it to begin with.

lol , i like the fact that these so called racers say 1/4 times have nothing to do with how this car will do at a road coarse . power has alot to do with turning a whole lot. if u got a car that cant pull very hard then u r gonna be changing gears alot causing movement, where a powerful car will power thur it, u drive with ur power as much as u drive with a wheel. are u all really that blind?
Let's try not to be so inclusive.

On a road-course 1/4 mile performance is not important at all except for maybe a standing start which is uncommon. It needs to pull hard off corners and down straights, but not from a standing start. BTW that is what both the high-revving LS7 and this Tremec 6 are built for pulling hard!
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