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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
On a road-course 1/4 mile performance is not important at all except for maybe a standing start which is uncommon. It needs to pull hard off corners and down straights, but not from a standing start. BTW that is what both the high-revving LS7 and this Tremec 6 are built for pulling hard!
Originally Posted by dekan513 View Post
who said any diff, i just asked the standard ? if it but hurts u guys that bad then oh well.

where did i say it wasnt important . power is very important. if u want to be fast u need power .

why the ls7 then. if power is not important i would rather have the ls3 . less weight .

guess we will see when it is released.
Please again notice my comments above from earlier.

Also an LS7 and an LS3 are both GM SB's therefore the same weight.
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