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MY DAY HAS COME! 1LE is on the way!!

After hearing that the last month to order for 2013 SS's and 1LE was going to be in April, i had to make my move ASAP. So i went to the same dealership that i visited 2 months ago and told them i was ready to set up the deal. In my mind i was thinking that id have to order exactly what i wanted and wait that 4-6 week waiting period .. I told the salesman exactly what i wanted, he went into his office to put out the search and it turned out that there was just 1 in the state i live in and it was basically fully loaded.. NAV & sunroof where the only options i really didnt need, this car had the NAV no sunroof.. So i thought to myself " man u need to jump on that" but without being to excited! so after that great news we got down to negotiation and financing, got the deal all set and put down a $1000 down payment and it will be at the dealership by wednesday.. .. The only down side is that im an OTR truck driver and im leaving for OHIO tonight lol.. I wont be home for another 7-10 days, .. its all good tho, now i have something to look forward to on the drive back home..

once i get to take some pics ill post them asap

2013 2ss 1le
Ashen Grey Metallic
black leather
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