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People want the Z/28 badge. GM does it and does it right. People are upset they did it so right that it's going to cost more money.

If you just want a Z28 badge, go buy one.

I don't know anyone's background on here, but I can promise you this. With the modifications needed alone for an LS7, the carbon ceramic brakes, the many parts not used on the SS, 1LE, LT, LS, or even ZL1 models, it's going to introduce more cost into the vehicle.

GM plainly tells you this is a track-day car that is NOT for everyone and now everyone is upset that their Camaro won't have a stock stereo, A/C, etc and cost too much because GM made it the car the Z/28 badge deserves.

$60K+ for the Z/28 and you won't see many of them, because it's not a car for everyone, but you know everyone will be smiling when they do get to see one. Or when we read about how it's whooping ass in whatever class of racing they put it into.
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