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Originally Posted by Mikamaro View Post
DId they said Milford? I don't think they did actualy. Where did you read that?
They only said 3 seconds faster, this might be the tyrack they are talking about.
The Z/28 could be only 3 seconds faster then the ZL1 at the Nurburgring!
In an article from the The Detroit News, dated March 28, 2013.....

""New York General Motors Co. pulled off a surprise Wednesday at the New York International Auto Show by rolling out a new version of the legendary Camaro Z/28 after a decade's absence
GM North America President Mark Reuss was all smiles as the white muscle car with black rear spoiler was driven on stage to applause and cheers from automotive journalists.
"This is for all of us who want a Camaro that's absolutely built for the track," Reuss said. "Dubbed code-word 'HP' inside of GM, this is something we have longed to do and now we have done it."
Reuss said GM will begin building the Z/28 this fall for testing. It's expected to generate about 500 horsepower and get 470 foot-pounds of torque.
Pricing isn't available yet, but it will be the most expensive Camaro offered, Reuss said. Production likely will be somewhat limited, but Reuss said, "We'll make as many as people want."
The new Z/28 shows GM is healthy financially and is able to again make cars like this.
"This won't be the highest-volume car we do obviously," Reuss told reporters after the reveal. "But these kind of cars, you have to be able to be a car company that can do a few of these here and there to make sure everybody knows what this brand is, and that it's alive and well. This is the kind of stuff ... it gets everybody crazy excited."
In lap testing done so far, the Camaro Z/28 is three seconds faster than the Camaro ZL1, Reuss said.
Reuss said GM built a mule Camaro Z/28 about two years ago at the Milford Proving Grounds.
"I took my boss for a ride in the car and I said, 'We want this car badly,'" he said referring to GM CEO Dan Akerson."

From The Detroit News:
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