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I got lots of update today!

First of all I have updated to 1LE:
Struts and Shocks
Rear Toe Link
And Rear Shock Mounts

Also installed Pfadt Rear Trailing Arms

I will be installing 1LE style front sway end links and Pedders Sub frame bushings soon.

Here is the story, right now I have the Hotchkis Track Suspension and I was using the stock struts and shocks (FE2) and things did not feel right. The car was too bouncy and the stock FE2 Shocks and struts could not keep up with the new Hotchkis springs. It was not fun to drive. So I know I had to update.

I went with 1LE parts because itís a track pack for the Camaro I knew it was going to keep up with the Hotchkis Track Suspension. I was right! The car handles so much better than before. Sure it stuffer then before but I love now more than ever! The car now moves so much easier and turns so much better! If you are thinking about updated your FE2 or FE3 suspension, 1LE (FE6) is so much better!

Here is what I have learned, if you are planning to do this. If you are going to do the struts and shocks, you will need to order the front end links. The front struts have a bigger hole where the end links goes into and the old end link will be too small. Also it would be a good idea to get the Rear Toe Links because they are so much better then stock camaros toe links. They articulate unlike the stock ones. As for the Rear Shock Mounts, they are a little bit bigger and better than the old ones. They are beefier and support more.

Here are some pictures! They installed by Haddad Motorsports.

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