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Originally Posted by Monchy36 View Post
Junkman! 4 dumb questions... 1) I know this can't be done in one day, so every time that I'm going to continue fixing the paint do I need to clay before? 2) even my car is new I have to do everything? Use both compound? I was reading your other thread you did and you point to one person that because he's paint was new he didn't need to do all the steps... 3) best wax to maintain the Polish gain? Other product beside Adams... And 4) what detail spray do? How often I can use it? I know you don't like people asking stupid question so apologize ahead...
Your questions are not stupid. No questions are. But here's the deal. The questions that you are asking show that you haven't watch the videos in this thread in their entirety. It almost sounds like you either skipped through them or watched them on your phone, where the very important annotations do not show. So which is it, have you watched the videos in this thread in their entirety?
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