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Originally Posted by Bomino View Post
so you say that mag ride trumps all, but acknowledge that the z/28 is faster in the corners. kinda confusing.. but since you acknowledge that the z/28 is faster in corners, then you should understand that when they come out of those corners, the z/28 will have a faster exiting speed for that long straight. the z/28 might be exiting at 55 mph where the zl1 is exiting at 50mph for example. so to beat the z/28 even down the straight, the zl1 will have to play catch up. I do not think the extra power in the zl1 is enough to do it. like i noted earlier, when you exclude weight from the equation, the zl1 only has a 35 hp advantage. i do not think that will be enough to reel in the z/28 even in the longer straights.

regarding the tires, going from michilin ps2's to sport cups, the ZR1 vette gained a second around VIR. i suspect the gains would be similar from the goodyear f1's to trofeo R
Goodyear f1s suck, big time. They are like anti traction. Still puzzled why they were chosen. As for mag ride and track performance . When I raced, my suspension was ohlins. Top of the line. $6000 front suspension and $1800 rear shock. They were fully adjustable, spring preload, high low speed compression high and low speed rebound you could use different fluid viscosities. And adjust steering angle or rake. For different tracks, you had to tune your equipment to that track. But it was always a compromise. Especially at a track that had a huge change in surface types through out the track. You had to set it the best it could be and adjust your power/ speed where it wasn't enough. With mag ride, the car will automatically constantly adjust. This is ideal for a track like the ring where you will encounter diff surfaces and varying turn types. But on a perfectly smooth well maintained track, with just tight turns. A specifically turned shock system (z28) will work perfectly (Milford)

As for the corner speed argument, I did address that . My racing experience show that vehicles that carried more corner speed dominated, until a more powerful(torque) vehicle got a straight or sweeper to stretch its legs.
Rotofab, grinding rear diff sound forever, dealer replaced supercharger - now i have a rattle when starting from a stop, ordered 2.35 lingenfelter pulley, hp tuner, belt, 100mm idler pulley, tr7IX spark plugs, wideband kit, long tubes with no cats...hoping for 650hp. dyno with rotofab = 518hp
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