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Originally Posted by Wizard1183 View Post
Oh you're not nearly alone in this one! The Z/28 guys want to haggle about how they made it the ultimate camaro and that ppl are pissed with the way GM handled things, but ill bet many here would choose a drag strip monster over a Z/28 if it was made. Everyone I know in my state that race, it's at the strip. So why the hell would I want a track star? All I wanted was a stripped out street legal drag strip muscle beast naturally aspirated a step above the SS. If I felt the need, then I would add the supercharger, twin turbos or bottle.
The funny thing that despite the confusion, if everything remains the same I will probably try to get a zl1. As imperfect as these cars are, its my hunch that in a few short years both of these cars will be a distant memory.

But, yes I'd bet given a chance we'd all take a shot at having the ultimate street screamer. That's what got me started looking at the mega hp 5th gens, starting with the SLP's.
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