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Originally Posted by Dropspeed View Post
My dealer is Rodgers. I get to work with Becky face to face and left it in their hands.

I want to get in and drive it upon delivery.

That is my approach. I have seen 3 1LE that my dealer has prepped, and they all looked fine to me. This car will be a full time daily driver, and part time toy (some track, some just play), and it is not ever going to be perfect. This is like the last time I painted or 69' drag car. My buddy that painted it said take some pictures, because it is never going to look this good again....and he was right. My 1LE is going to be my favorite tool / toy, and though I will keep it clean and looking good, it is going to get used for what the good Lord, and the boys at GM intended it for!
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