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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
Apparently, a 1LE out-tracks a BOSS and gives fits/exceeds the BOSS LS...let alone a Track Pack GT of similar pricing to the 1LE.

Wanna spend $40-ish, and wanna have the quickest way around VIR? 1LE.

Wanna spend under-$50 for the same car with a SEMA Show attached? Good Luck with that...

BTW, the "true believers", here, would like to think they had some input into the realization of the Z/28. Most of us are older folk, with decent discretionary income. Not saddled with student loans 'n such. Empty nesters...and, therefore sometimes, empty garagers...

The "true Beliebers"? The Z/28 is NOT Justin time...

Before the "Old Timers" disease sets in, we'd like to maintain some of our dillusional thinking: The older I get, the faster I LS7'd Gen-5 Camaro WILL arrive, just you wait 'n see!
um what?

so you are either old enough to remember the original Z/28s or you listen to Justin Beiber? Got it
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