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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
Owned a '68 in '69. Any more questions? "So here's my number. Call me, maybe?!"

[You knew The Biebs helped Carly Rae Jepsen launch her career, eh?]

BTW, the Belieber reference was for those "of an age", baby-baby, who protest the Z/28's pricing...while anxiously awaiting a diecast version to arrive, in lieu of having a valid driver's license and/or the wherewithal regardless of final pricing...which BTW is still sometime off into the future...

As mentioned earlier, if you're truly considering a $40ish expenditure, and want the most VIR-friendly NEW 4-seater at that price, 1LE is the one for thee... In fact, for '14, it's really your ONLY choice. Bye-Bye BOSS.
I agree with the 1LE and the more i research the more i think this is the way i will go.

If I had to have the Z/28 even at 70k i could walk into a dealership and drive one home. Im not scoffing at the price because I can't afford it. I am doing so because the price (for me atleast) to build a 69 Z/28 comes out to about 60k. At this point do I go new or do I build one for myself?

I already have a 55 Bel Air with a big block for drag racing duties. I am looking for an all around car now.

As for your Bieber/Jespen references - I was driving home with Slayer's Season in the Abyss in my CD player. I don't care for the bubble gum music and honestly the fact that you know about some of this stuff is well kind of creepy
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