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Originally Posted by BigPopa71 View Post
I have a 2011 1LT RS my performance mods are only exhaust and cold air intake. The other mods are in the wheels, system and short throw shifter and some of the 2LT options like gauge pack and stuff like that. I only drive my car on weekends but its my only ride. I'm actually happy with the current speed. Bit I wouldn't mind having SS power. I haven't put my headers on because I know I will need a tune and figured I would wait until I decided on a supercharger. I'm not looking for 600 hp. But I would love if my car ran in the 12's.
You can move most those mods over to the new car, but I'm guessing you didn't save your old wheels/tires and shifter. Without those swapping to the new car and using yours as a trade-in would be difficult. If it were me, I'd go the SC route. The only way I can see getting into an SS for the same cost would be to "settle" for one with more mileage and less options than you have now. You also have to wonder what the prior owner did to their car and how the treated it. From you other thread, I would guess you KNOW you've take real good care of you car.
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