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Thanks Rob, i know it's worthy i just need others to see and know why i built this car for my dad, so in the end i love it and i love the reasoning behind it!

Originally Posted by Sickwitit View Post
Are you freaking kidding me bro, please your car is more than worthy. I had a conversation a while ago with the wife in regards to car shows and judging, I've watched friends, judges and or associates award cars based on their personal preferences (Bypassing the judging criteria and or rules).

Terri car is a daily driver by her choice (Year round, and she wont let me buy her second car!), it's designed to meet and accommodate her particular style, taste and needs. She attends car shows to have fun, meet and hangout with friends, that piece of plastic and someones opinion doesn't alter how she feels about her car...that being said she has accumulated a dozen or so trophies , and never looks twice at them. The funny thing Tim, is that this hobby keeps a smile on her face and for me that's worth every penny.

You sir have have taken this hobby and honored your father, , No one and I mean no one can ever judge how you feel about your car and it's purpose. ,
Your car is a freaking beast my dude, so I'm giving you another award, now put that with the others!
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