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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
It is raining camber plates!!!!!

They are now officially in-stock ready for immediate delivery!

Pedders 581050 Camaro-Dual-Bearing-Camber Plates

1.9 Degrees of Additional Negative Camber Adjustment
18mm Thick Monster Plate
Dual Bearing Configuration
Banded Thrust Bearing for Strut Rotation
Large Monoball for Strut Articulation
Fits All Brands of 5th Gen Coilovers

Pedders 5th Gen Camaro Dual Bearing Camber Plates with an 18mm Thick Main Plate are configured with a banded thrust bearing for coil rotation when turning and a large monoball for strut articulation. Pressed into the upper aluminum spring perch is a banded sealed thrust bearing. The thrust bearing replaces the OE strut bearing and delivers silky smooth operation.

A large monoball allows the strut to articulate without bind. This precision assembly delivers an additional 1.9 degrees of negative camber. Each mark on the camber plate is .25 degrees of adjustment. Combine the adjustment of Pedders Dual Bearing Camaro Camber Plates with the OE knuckle / clevis camber adjustment to achieve more than -4 of camber on demand. As a side benefit, the Steering Angle Inclination (SAI) improves as more camber was added from the plates. Pedders Dual Bearing Camber Plates have been released for production.
I love my camber plates
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