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Originally Posted by grocerygetter View Post
yup...I'd bet the 6th gen z28 is what our SS is. GM has said the 'SS' nomenclature is the sedan now.
I believe we'll see the SS on next gens camaro as well. Here's the interesting thing. They're trademarking the chevelle. They trademarked the Z/28. You saw what happened. The chevelle will be brought back. Perhaps to "replace" the camaro? The barracuda is going to replace the challenger. When exactly that takes place on the camaro? No one knows but GM. But the chevelle if brought back will not be anything like we're hoping for probably. They're going to capitalize on the name. And they'll probably capitalize on the 6th gen as well. Rather than have 5th gen owners turn their noses up at the next gen, they'll make an attempt at besting the camaro for another 3-5 yrs and pop the chevelle name into the picture so everyone can oooh and ahhh about it.

SS and Z/28 next gen though unless they go like they did in late 2nd gen and lose it. Which they may! We'll see

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