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This is a FWIW post since I have owned both the Z06 and the Camaro SS and I don't think it's really fair to compare them but....

To me the Z06 and the Z28 will be similar beasts. The Z06 is a rough car, yeah it has radio and a/c etc but it's by no means a luxury car, are running about 130 around a track or hitting some twisties. The Z28 will be the same, may be a rough daily driver but the true joy will come when you have that thing doing what it's built to do.

The Z06 is impractical for daily use but it's soooooo much fun!!!! Torque is where it's at!!!
Z/28...maybe not as impractical because it has a back seat, but still soooooo much fun. How great will that back seat be when it's 95 degrees with 100% humidity? 2/80 A/c won't cut it.

Just my .02
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