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Originally Posted by Wizard1183 View Post
I agree, I don't care what Europeans think about our cars.

This I don't agree. Reason being is with maybe the exception of Ferrari and Lamborghini, those mentioned among OTHER foreign cars play a major role in track racing TODAY. This is NOT Chevy Camaro vs ford and dodge. Those days are long gone! The corvette is racing against all the euro cars you've mentioned and the camaro is getting its feet wet in track racing these models though that's short lived....
Originally Posted by 2010_5thgen View Post
because the camaro will be put into a group with track ready cars like porsche...thats why it matters. its out of any classes here in the US market... so now you need to find cars to compare it against....not to mention its higher price will throw it right out of most comparissons of US cars...... you tell me who it should be compared to?
You guys are talking about the 2%'ers, I'm talking about the other 98% that just want a Camaro for everyday driving. I'm not sure if you realize this but we aren't really competing when those of us have cars that take it to the road track for HPDE sessions. You're looking for optimal performance when you do and to get the most bang for the buck, and in that regards, we have those euro boys beat by a mile when comparing new to new.

You can't compare a Camaro to Porsche in one sense because they are two different types of cars. Though it is cool that we can now be at a level to perform almost as well. I think if the growth of HPDE is for real, we will be fine. Just get out there and have fun
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