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Originally Posted by 2010_5thgen View Post
american cars a great bang for your buck...but you get better quality out of european far as fit and finish and just pure heritage. porsche, mercedes, audi, bmw....all have great heritage in the race world and make great motors and even better automatic shifter. GM paddle shifters suck compared ot a porsche or mercedes. this is where alot of european dollars go to. not to mention there suspension are years ahead of US. these are just some reasons why euro cars are more pricier than US. chevy is just finally (last 10 years maybe)listening to the racing world with the corvette racing team and using that info for the cars. all the european names i listed have been integrating their findings from racing into the street cars for decades.
Sorry, but this is bullshit. I am in europe at home, and a lot of the mercedes,bmw and audi, there are in the same price segment how the camaro, arent not so good as the camaro.

Sure, when you buy a mercedes for 200000 dollar, you have a awesome mercedes, but its not all gold.

The normal audis, bmw,mercedes and all the other euopean cars are just nothing special.
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