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Originally Posted by Wolverine View Post
How about the revival of the IROC (International Race Of Champions) series?
That's a possibility but I think a revived Trans Am or new manufacturers series would be more interesting. IROC was a field of identically prepared cars from the same manufacturer being driven by top pros from Formula 1, Indy and Nascar. It was more a showcase for driver talent than about the cars.

A new Trans Am or manufacturers series would be about both; drivers AND cars with cars being the big feature. A Chevy vs Dodge vs Ford championship would be fantastic to watch and be a huge PR win for the companies, their cars and racing in general. You can imagine the sales that would generate from fans wanting to drive the street versions of the cars they saw dueling it out on the racetrack. This is where you'd see the Z28 street version for $45k instead of the Z/28 track version for $60k+. Winning a championship is good for sales; just look at what happened with the Z28 street versions after Mark Donohue/Roger Penske won the Trans Am series in one.

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