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Originally Posted by newb View Post
If you look at the 1LE dyno thread they are putting mid 390s to low 400 Hp to the rollers. This is on average about 15 Hp more to the ground than previous SS cars. I haven't seen numbers for 13 SS cars but I suspect they make more than the 12s as well since the EPS came standard for 13.

If you look at the 1LE differences you will find your answer. All of the little parts add up to better acceleration and a lighter feeling car.


That's yet another interesting angle.

You are right in that the Dyno numbers for the first and second year SS are way lower than 400's, actually lower than 390. Lots of power losses.

If the 1LE can Dyno above 390 or around 400 then that completes the picture.

I now feel a bit bad, kinda left out...

Is good info to know, I truly appreciate your contribution to clarify this issue.

It seems, money per mph the 1LE exceeds all expectations, probably surpasses the Z/28 if you account for cost vs. content vs. performance.

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