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Originally Posted by Zorns View Post
My question about 10's on the rear is more about winter wheels/tires. I was wondering if you could purchase a set of four 10's for winter use.
I bought a set of four 10" wheels for a winter set, and put 275's on it. I bought Continental DWS. I have been very pleased with the tires, and have already used the road hazard warranty because of a pothole. (definite +1 )

The 10" rear wheels don't grip as well for fast starts, and have a little less grip for high speed cornering, but the difference isn't enough to take the perma grin off.

Some of the guys have been putting 11" wheels on the rear and running 315 continentals (the front tire size will be a little different ), and have reported good results.

As a note; I recommend using the Goodyears, or something similar for summer use. After the weather warms up, the 11" wheels and sticky tires really grab the road.

An afterthought: you must use 20" wheels.
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