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Originally Posted by buckeyemike View Post
Yeah, Wisconsin cops aren't Ohio cops.

Ohio cops are notoriously more strict. Not trying to hate, but that's just their reputation to literally everyone that has been to Ohio.
I got a ticket on Good Friday for tint on my S-10 by some dbag LEO in my hometown (which the are especially notorious for being dbags). It was illegal, but cop was completely unreasonable given situation.

I haven't had a moving violation in 15 years, was 1/8 mile from home, it was 1pm and I bought truck used (with tint installed). I was polite and vowed to either remove tint as he stood there or in 30 seconds after I arrived home. It was poor quality tint, I picked corner of it as he ran my info. He proceeded to write ticket since I had "2" equipment violations, #2 being smoked license plate covers (which I've had since I was 16).

I look younger, was driving an older truck (S-10)... he thought he was getting some punk kid and had to justify his stop. Meanwhile 10-15% of every car you see has tint, tinted plate covers or both. I know for a fact an officer drives an illegally tinted vhicle to work at station.

You couldn't pay me to tint my Camaro in Ohio at this point. Just another reason for some PO to mess with me. I'm already waiting for them to stop me and tell me to drill holes in $45k car's front bumper. A warning would've sufficed, instead they got their $110 (after court costs when I was instructed to provide proof of removal at mayor's court!!) and me telling anyone who'll listen that they're unreasonable jerks. Friday night with 4 guys in the truck OK pull me over, write me a ticket. Good Friday afternoon, no moving violations in a decade and half, cop realizes its an honest error on a used vehicle... not OK.

Side Note: I had Block-a-Chip install Xpel Ultimate Protection on Camaro, they did awesome job. I understand they do tint as well.
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