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Originally Posted by newb View Post
I see the point you are trying to make but I actually partially disagree. Off topic I know but higher trap speed does not ensure a win. Lets take your example.

If two cars leave the line at the same time and one reaches 88 mph before the 60 ft mark but stops accelerating there and the second car doesn't reach 88 till well down track but accelerates to 100. The 88 would win. No these are not exact numbers but you see the point.

Rate of acceleration plays a big part in the ability to cover ground quickly. Gearing plays a large part in rate of acceleration. Ever see a drag race where two cars leave the same time but one is fast out of the hole and the other is a better top end car? Makes for some interesting finishes at the big end.


Very well explained and very kind of you to take the time to cover the issue for other readers benefit.

Anyone who has participated, seriously participated, in drag racing events understands, or even better, has experienced such conditions first hand.

Mostly in motorcycles, where trick carb jetting (this of course predates current fuel injection bikes) and final drives (tranny sprocket to rear wheel sprocket relationship) made enormous differences in the same exact bike model you could see the brutal reality of this, also because you could the cover 1/4 mile with gearless upshift.

The first half meant nothing..., we all the new the business was in the second half of those 400 meters.

Like you wrote, the finishes were "interesting"... more like heart-crushing because at club level, the talent among the top performers was pretty much even, so when you lost the sleeve by a margin, you knew that your setting was rubbish for that weekend, which meant you lost even before you showed up at the lights, and that was confidence crushing.

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